Mission statement

Robocup Junior New Zealand aims to encourage school students to take an active interest in science, technology and the performing arts. It aims to develop practical and intellectual problem-solving skills and teamwork in the context of a competition where sportsmanship and participation are more important than winning. It also aims to make students aware of potential employment opportunities in high tech industries which are crucial to the ongoing development of the New Zealand economy.


  1. To encourage young people to take an interest in scientific and technological fields, by cultivating their interest in robotic competitions through hands on creation.
  2. To help young people expand their social, intellectual and problem solving skills, helping them to develop into creative and independent adults.
  3. To provide a forum, which will allow more people to appreciate the co-existence between science, technology and human kind.
  4. To create an environment that will encourage people from all around the world to share their experience with science and technology, thereby contributing to its development.
  5. The emphasis will be on learning and enjoyment rather than competing to win. Participants will be encouraged to share technological developments in order to ensure the improved quality of the competition rather than allow an individual team's dominance.
  6. Robocup Junior New Zealand is an educational activity, which will nurture understanding between different nationalities via the opportunity to compete in an international robotics competition.