Robot rescue

Artificial intelligence at its best! The Rescue competition mirrors the real life use of robots that rescue people from life-threatening situations.

Rescue teams require just one robot. Extra equipment required is a set of standard rescue tiles (available from MTA).

Primary Rescue

The robot uses colour or light sensors to follow a line to a designated rescue area, always looking for the shortcuts and coping with the ramp and judder bar obstacles where necessary. The robot arrives at a green coloured area indicating the chemical spill where the rescue of the victim should take place. The robot should then locate the victim in the rescue area and push it to safety. If robots gain equal numbers of points, then the robot that rescues the victim in the fastest time wins the competition.

Senior Rescue

A competition for year 9-13 students where all members of a team are in their first year of Robocup competition. It is the same as the Junior Rescue but with the addition of the water tower (and maze?) tiles.

Premier Rescue

The robot has to follow the line, locate the victim, pick it up and place it on a low platform near the edge of the rescue zone. To enter this competition the robot MUST be able to lift the victim. The maze and water tower tiles are used, as well as all the Junior Rescue tiles.