Rules overview

Before you download the rules to the RoboCup Junior New Zealand challenges, ensure you first download the general rules.

Competition Rules

Download general competition rules
Download theatre rules
Download theatre performance score sheet
Download theatre interview score sheet
Download soccer rules
Download rescue rules
It is a condition of entry to the competition that suitable photographs of children engaged in competition-related ativites may be used in appropriate publicity. We ask that each parent signs a media release form for their child, and delivers it to the competition organisers.
Download media release form

Authenticity of Student's Work

Students will be interviewed at RCJNZ competitions and must prove that the work on robots "is essentially theirs." Original technology must meet the following guidelines:

  • Students may use outside technology that has not been generated by them, only if it is freely available to all competitors. Its supply must be openly published, either in written form or on the Internet. Students will not need to explain the operation of such technology.
  • If self-manufactured technology or software of limited availability has been included on the robot, the students must be able to prove that they have constructed this themselves or explain fully, to the satisfaction of the interview panel, how it works and how it is programmed.
  • If entrants think that they may be using technology of limited availability, they should consult the referee at least one week prior to the event. The referee can then outline the type of knowledge that they may have to exhibit in the interview.

Entrants may be asked to fill in one of these forms
Download Soccer and Rescue interview form
Download Theatre Announcer's form