The 2017 competition will be held at the Dunedin City Baptist Church on Saturday June 24th. NOTE that this is a new venue for the competition! The address is 19 Main South Rd, Concord (Burnside)

Here is the timetable. OtagoRobocupTimeTable2017.pdf
The venue will be open at 8 am particularly for the 8:30 starters. If teams aim to arrive at least half an hour before their first event that should allow sufficient time to get unpacked and ready.

Each entrant must fill in a media release form, or a teacher can fill one form in on behalf all their competing students.

Each soccer and rescue team should fill in an interview form.

Each theatre team should fill in an announcers form.

These forms are all available from the Competition Rules page

Theatre music should be sent to Chris Edwards. It should be in mp3 format, and of the correct length. Name the music with your team name, and send it to Chris Edwards

There will be 143 students, in 45 teams, from 15 schools. Please label your gear. Each team will be allocated a table space with a power outlet. Please bring your own splitter box, extension cords etc. if you need them.

Adults are not permitted in the team area or to provide technical assistance once the team is settled in. The competition is about giving the students responsibility and control. Organisers will assist teams to get the best performance, but do let organisers know on the day if any special assistance is required.

Soccer and rescue teams - make sure your robots are not oversize now. Don’t wait until competition day. We are unable to provide internet at the venue, so make sure you have your correct program with you.

Lunch, drinks including coffee, and snack food will be available on the day thanks to the Dunedin City Baptist Church team. There are no Eftpos facilities, so please bring cash and support this good cause.
Soup w/ toasted cheese roll $5
Bacon and egg bap $5
American Style Hot Dog $5
Mini savouries $1
Toasted cheese roll $2
Slice $3
Crisps $2
Chocolate bars $2
Cold drinks $4
Coffee & Tea (Barista-made coffee) $4

Enjoy the build-up to competition day and if necessary remind competitors that it is not whether you win or lose, but the enjoyment of learning that counts in the long run.

New this year will be a Robot Code Golf competition, which you can have a go at on the day.
Entry for spectators is free so invite your friends and family.

Contact Sandy Garner

Otago has a strong committee which has forged links between the local engineering firms and the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.

Local Sponsors: University of Otago Computer Science Department, Otago Polytechnic, Jaycar Electronics Dunedin, Engineering Dunedin Incorporated with special mention to Scott Technology, Strawberry Sound, Switchbuild, Action Engineering, Farra Dunedin Engineering, NHP/Rockwell Automation, Blackwood Paykels, Wilson Brothers

Otago Committee Members

  • Donald Liddell - chair (Scott Technology)
  • Bill Boyes - (Tahuna Intermediate)
  • Anthony Robins - treasurer (Uni. of Otago, Computer Science)
  • Phillipa Dick - (Hatch Education)
  • Sandy Garner - school support (Uni. of Otago, Computer Science)
  • Mike Paulin - Uni. of Otago, Zoology
  • Chris Edwards - Uni. of Otago, Information Science
  • Mark Nelson
  • Barb Long