Photos from 2017 competition

Many thanks to Sam Mann.
and to Dave Robertson for this set:

Otago 2017 Competition Results

JUNIOR THEATRE (Sponsored by Otago Polytechnic

First: Balmac Boombots (Balmacewen Intermediate)
Holly Mein, Jenny de la Harpe, Maia Penhey
Second: Mary and the Poppins (St Hilda's Collegiate)
Annika Marriner, Ella Hodgson, Lucie Holtz, Emma Boult, Sophie Broadly
Third Equal: Jaws (St Hilda's Collegiate)
Bella Gilmour, Olive Dean, Breane Byck, Emma de Lange
Third Equal: Pink Ladies (St Hilda's Collegiate)
Georgie Lawson, Olivia Hall, Anna Miller, Bella King-Begg

JUNIOR SEARCH AND RESCUE (Sponsored by Engineering Dunedin Incorporated)

First: Ahash (Mount Aspiring College)
Ajay Quirk, Sebastian Rhind, Harry Anderson, Amelie Woonton
Second: William Harbrow (Tahuna Intermediate)
William Harbrow
Third: The Labyrinth (St Hilda's Collegiate)
Kate McEwen, Courtney Lloyd, Cassandra Martin

JUNIOR SOCCER (Sponsored by by Information Science, Otago University)

First: Balmac BallBot (Balmacewen Intermediate)
Aaron Nelson

SENIOR THEATRE (Sponsored by Action Engineering)

First: Haunted House of Horrors (Kavanagh College)
Tobias Devereux
Second: ConstructoBots (King's High)
Riley Symon, Mitchell Lloyd
Third: BoomBots (Queen's High School)
Brianna Reid, Acacia Weekley, Juliettte Young, Zoey-Louise Morton, Chloe Robertson

SENIOR SEARCH AND RESCUE (Sponsored by Jaycar Dunedin)

First: 9JF Private Rescues Ltd. ( King's High)
Samuel Blackwood, William Grounds
Second: PattyBot (Mount Aspiring College)
Patrick Hartley

PREMIER SEARCH AND RESCUE (Sponsored by Farra Engineering)

First: Team Armadillo (Independent)
Maia Robertson
Second : Second: TeamMAC (Mount Aspiring College)
Leon Bowie, James Suddaby
Third: Ocean (King's High
Ocean Allemann

SENIOR SOCCER (Sponsored by Scott Technology)

First: Team JIDF (King's High School)
Hamish Cadzow, Josh Rademeyer, Matthew Wong, JD Rademayer
Second: Jerk-Jounce-Snap-Crackle-Pop (Columba College)
Kate Truman, Ghazal Dousti, Heather Robertson
Third: Visionaries (Information Science Mechatronics)
Henry Eden-Mann, Tobias Devereux, Sebastian Sole

BEST PROGRAMMING PRIZE (Sponsored by Computer Science, Otago University)

First: Visionaries (Information Science Mechatronics)
Henry Eden-Mann, Tobias Devereux, Sebastian Sole
Second= : Balmac BallBot (Balmacewen Intermediate) Aaron Nelson
Second= : Team Armadillo (Independent) Maia Robertson
Second= : Syntax Error (Independent) Heather Robertson)

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Otago has a strong committee which has forged links between the local engineering firms and the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.

Local Sponsors: University of Otago Computer Science Department, Otago Polytechnic, Jaycar Electronics Dunedin, Engineering Dunedin Incorporated with special mention to Scott Technology, Strawberry Sound, Switchbuild, Action Engineering, Farra Dunedin Engineering, NHP/Rockwell Automation, Blackwood Paykels, Wilson Brothers

Otago Committee Members

  • Donald Liddell - chair (Scott Technology)
  • Bill Boyes - (Tahuna Intermediate)
  • Anthony Robins - treasurer (Uni. of Otago, Computer Science)
  • Phillipa Dick - (Hatch Education)
  • Sandy Garner - school support (Uni. of Otago, Computer Science)
  • Mike Paulin - Uni. of Otago, Zoology
  • Chris Edwards - Uni. of Otago, Information Science
  • Mark Nelson
  • Barb Long